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  • ​Lifetime Membership of your choice
  • ​Includes lifetime access to member's only virtual sewing or quilting classes, member's portal and Facebook group
  • Receive a quarterly quilt-along box or bi-monthly sew-along box
  • ​Be a part of the Quilt Square project. By dedicating this square to yourself or someone special, you can leave a lasting mark of dedication and contribute to the successful move of the studio to a larger warehouse space. The personalized quilt block will become part of a beautiful community quilt, symbolizing unity and collective creativity, prominently displayed at the new location. 

1. Lifetime Access: The purchaser of the lifetime membership to Sew Creative Lounge will receive lifetime access to all benefits described above. 

2. Annual Maintenance Fee: After the initial two years of membership, a yearly maintenance fee will be required to keep the lifetime membership active. This fee helps cover administrative and operational costs associated with maintaining the studio and its offerings. The initial maintenance fee will be: $79 for Indigo members, $149 for Kente and Batik members and $299 for Adire members. 

3. Forfeiture of Membership: Failure to pay the annual maintenance fee within the designated timeframe will result in the forfeiture of the lifetime membership. Once forfeited, the member will no longer have access to the benefits and services associated with the lifetime membership.

4. Non-transferable Membership: The lifetime membership is non-transferable and cannot be switched to another type of membership or transferred to another individual. It is solely for the use of the original purchaser.

5. Membership Cancellation: If the member fails to pay the annual maintenance fee within the specified timeframe, the membership will be canceled on the 20th day after the maintenance fee was due. Once canceled, the member will no longer have access to the benefits and services provided by the lifetime membership.

It is important to note that these terms and conditions are subject to change, and Sew Creative Lounge reserves the right to modify them as needed. Any changes will be communicated to the members in a timely manner.
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